Membership  £15 per year which also entitles the member to see a number of professional shows at only £5 per show at the London Theatre


1. Membership is open to all persons aged 16 and over who wish to take an active role in a local amateur dramatic club either in a performing or production role.   South London Players is formed as a proprietary club owned and managed by The London Theatre ltd.    

2.  Membership is subject to agreeing the terms of the membership,  the payment of a yearly membership fee and attending one meeting to meet some of the other members before paying the membership fee

3.  A  current member has full voting rights on appointment of stage directors for each production and current members can suggest productions to stage and the appointment of certain club officers.   All acting roles are open to all current members via a open casting with final casting decisions made by the voted in director of that production.   

4.  A member who wishes to suggest a production for the club to stage cannot be cast in the production without attending a open casting and  open to all members.   They may elect themselves to direct the production and subject to agreement by the current members.   The Clubs manangement will have the final say on any production casting if deemed by other members that the casting was not deemed open and fair.  A member cannot be cast in a direct the same production. 

5.  A member does not have the automatic right to be cast in a production and subject to audition.  

6. Members do not have any financial liability or control on the club and have no voting rights on the management side of the club apart from the appointment of certain club officers.   Members do have voting rights on the artistic elements of the club and productions must be fully costed by the management of the club before confirmation.

7.  Professional actors and performers may become members but cannot put any credit down on any professional CV or spotlight entry or any professional castings sites for any roles undertaken within The South London Players.  

8.   All production cost will be met by management of the club and subject to pre agreed budgets per show.

9.   Members have full use of the theatre space and rehearsal times during reherasal show period.   

10.  Membership is subject to the good conduct of a member and membership can be withdrawn for a member acting in an agressive, unlawful or inapropriate manner.  The appointed director of a production may remove a performer from a show if they feel the performer is not able to attend agreed rehearsals or has not reached a stage of line learning by a agreed date.  The person removed from performing from such a show does not lose membership rights and has the right to appeal to the management of the club.  A member cannot be removed from a production if extra rehearsal dates are demanded by a director and not agreed at the time of accepting the part.   If a member fails to be at the required line learning stage, a director may request extra rehearsals and this is deemed to assist the member, in such cases, a member not agreeing to extra assistance may be removed from a production if not reached the required line learning within 24 hours of the agreed timescale.    This will be decided by the management and the final decision made by the management and not the elected director.

11.   Members accept that all productions will be marketed as amateur productions and for many plays this is a requirement by the publisher.   

12.  The £5 ticket to see a number of professional shows at the London Theatre can only be used by the member and not passed to any other person to use.  A  list of shows you can use this £5 offer will be sent to each member via a newsletter.

13.  Members have full use of the tech systems in the theatre and can undergo full trianing on the use of the LED light system and sound system.

14.  Any power tools used during set design can only be used in the venue by persons over the age of 18.

15.  The management has the right to restrict total active members to allow current members a good chance of performing or taking a active backstage role in productions.  This limit can be extended if it is deemed that no current member has be found or cast in a upcoming production. 

16.  No external alcohol or bottled water is allowed in the venue while the bar is open.   Bottled water may be bought into the venue during rehearsal times when the bar is closed.  

17.   The joining rate of membership fee will remain the same for members and taken each year by direct debit.    New members will pay the  current rate and this will not be increase during membership.   A member who cancels membership  and rejoins will do so at the higher current rate.

18.  A member cannot use the club to promote their own commercial services without permission of the management. 

19. Members and manangement agree that any social outing, Christmas party or organised social will be advertised and open to all members if promoted via the club.  A  social event for a current cast and crew such as an aftershow party may be undertaken without invites to all members.

20.   Any member may submit a play they have written and invite members to a read it as a rehearsed reading  and at this stage will not be subject to audition unless it is agreed the play will be performed in public by The South London Players.

21.  Membership can be cancelled by the member or the management within 24 hours of joining.    Membership cannot be cancelled by the member after this period for the year.   Members if no longer wish to remain members should cancel their mandate for the following year.   No refunds on current membership will be given after the first 24 hours of joining.  

22.  A member accepts that during the period of membership they may not be cast in any current productions after attending open auditions. 

23.   All plays for consideration and choice of directors and those who wish to be nominated must be received at least 7 days before a vote is given to all members.   When a play and dates are agreed, a email asking for those members who would like to direct the play will be sent out.   If more then one member wishes to nominate themselves to direct, a vote will be held at the next meeting where members can attend or cast a vote via email.    If only one nomination, the director role will automatically go to that person.  

As a proprietary club the London Theatre Ltd appoints the current artistic director of The London Theatre to the management team and this is a non elected post but agreed by a member on joining or rejoining or continuing with membership on renewal.   This role will be to undertake the day to day running of the club on behalf of The London Theatre Ltd. 

Members have the right to vote or elect themsleves for the following roles.

Publicity Officer

Props and Set Officer

Costumes manager

Technical Officer

Social Officer

I have read and agreed the above and have attended at least one meeting and met members at that meeting and am wanting to join.


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